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Wellbeing Curriculum

The Breathe2B wellbeing programs are delivered across 10 unique sessions both primary students and 10 sessions for secondary students. Each session aligns with ACARA (HPE: Food and Wellbeing Curriculum and General Capabilities: Personal and Social Learning Continuum) and the PERMAV Positive Psychology model for flourishing.

The foundations of the program focus on changing the culture of how children and adolescents interact by exploring respectful relationship’s, emotional regulation, gratitude, compassion and learning to respond rather than react. The key difference between Breathe2B and other providers, is that we empower your staff with the necessary skills to facilitate culture change. 

The Breathe2B approach to mental health and resilience is based upon the latest research into the science of wellbeing. Positive psychology is based on the fundamental insight that promoting mental health is not the same as treating mental illness. Getting rid of what we don't want in our lives does not automatically bring what we do want. We need to intentionally learn optimism and positive behaviour therapies, this is not just the absence of the negative. We break down our most difficult thoughts and learn strategies to not just treat catastrophisation, we learn practices, techniques and ways of thinking to prevent this from occurring.


Each lesson includes:


Through the process of social-emotional learning (SEL) students develop self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are important for school, work and life outcomes. Social-emotional competence helps students cope with everyday challenges and improves learning and wellbeing.


We will partner with your school to professionally develop staff advocates onsite over a 2 day period with the skillset to deliver the 10 session program, our training is mapped to Teacher ATSIL standards. Our trainers are registered teachers, ICF coaches and psychologists.


At Breathe2B we understand that teachers who are tasked with designing and facilitating student wellbeing programs, may have a variety of level of skill in this remit. Our curriculum includes visually appealing presentations, videos, audio recordings, structured lesson plans, scripts for practices, student worksheets and much more.

Each session builds upon the knowledge and experience of the previous.
Sessions follow a key theme or concept.

Each themed session in the  primary program follows the format of:

  • A 5 minute fun icebreaker to set the theme for the session

  • Circle story time utilising our digital eBooks based upon each of the key themes

  • Post story class enquiry session to facilitate growth mindset

  • A short mindfulness or breathing activity

  • A practical craft or movement activity related to the theme (such as 'The Calm Down Glitter Jar' activity)

Each session in the secondary program follows the themes displayed in the graphic and includes: 

  • Theory – philosophical understanding utilising positive education and learned optimism

  • Mindfulness practices – MBSR basis

  • Breathing techniques – CBT methodology

  • Discussion to create a share language of wellbeing and advocacy

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 4.27.38 pm.png

Curriculum training is delivered onsite, on a Professional Learning retreat or online.

Each advocate will be enrolled into our 'Hub' and have direct access to all of the Curriculum resources and Materials.


Each month Breathe2B hosts an advocate 'Campfire' Webinar where teachers from different schools unite to discuss the topic of the month.

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