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Director &

Lead Facilitator

My passion for mindfulness, yoga and meditation began in my early twenties when I discovered how transformative these practices could be for my own mental health and well-being. Both the knowledge and practical application that I developed aided me to get control my crippling anxiety and perfectionism. Since then, I have made it my personal mission to share these transformative practices with the world.

As a high school teacher for over 20 years, with teaching experience in a variety of schools internationally, I have had the opportunity not only to share my passion for teaching but also work extensively in the wellbeing space. Side by side with teaching I have continued to study;  having obtained a Master's in Educational Leadership, continued study in the space of Positive Education with the University of Pennsylvania, the  ICF Coaching Accreditation, Senior Registration as a Yoga Teacher and Mentor, Professional Meditation Association Registration and I am currently on the pathway to accreditation as a Clinical Psychologist.

Whilst leading from the middle within school I have had first hand experience of the pressures placed upon staff and how this can lead to burnout. As the Staff & Student Wellbeing Leader and Mindfulness Facilitator for a decade, I observed a huge shift in school culture when wellbeing practices were embedded into the fabric of a school.


Staff empowerment is key; I believe it is quintessential that staff are equipped with a toolkit of practices that promote self-care, resilience and stress management skills. With simple shifts in perspective and an array of wellbeing practices, staff are able to self-manage the fluctuating requirements of busy school life. The rich outcome is that staff enjoy being at work and are nourished by their vocation.


I founded Breathe2B in 2020 to continue this work on a larger scale to help as many people as possible to transform their lives and those of the young people that they are privileged to care for.

Shehana is a Holistic Wellbeing, Leadership and Career Coach and Meditation Teacher with a passion for empowering individuals to live consciously, wholeheartedly, and authentically. With her specialised expertise in meditation and mindfulness, she is dedicated to helping people cultivate self-awareness, inner peace, resilience, and sustainable success. As a coach, Shehana seamlessly integrates mindfulness and well-being practices into her coaching sessions, allowing high-performing professionals to tap into their full potential. By guiding individuals through transformative techniques that reframe unhelpful thinking patterns, rebuild confidence, and nurture self-esteem, she equips them with lifelong skills to navigate life's transitions and seize growth opportunities.  


Shehana has had the privilege of coaching Principals and Teachers and understands the critical role that educators play in shaping the lives of young individuals. She believes that their wellbeing is essential for creating a positive and thriving educational community. Recognising the immense pressure and demands faced by educators, she equips them with the tools and practices to build a strong foundation of self-care,  reduce stress, maintain balance, and foster healthy work-life integration. Shehana's specialised coaching approach empowers her clients to thrive personally and professionally, creating a positive ripple effect within the educational community, and supporting the well-being and success of Principals, Teachers and students


Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Meet Julia, a versatile Content Creator with a knack for bringing ideas to life with her creative & problem-solving skills.


Her work has the power to engage, educate, & motivate audiences, inspiring them to take action towards positive change & personal growth.

Offline, you’ll find Julia on the Pilates mat, facilitating mindful movement & meditation classes in Adelaide, South Australia.


Content Creator

Tahlene is an Integrative Health Coach and Registered Nurse with a special interest in paediatric and adolescent health and wellbeing. In 2019 Tahlene's primary focus was to help deliver 1 million mindful minutes in Queensland and New South Wales by 2020, via Nicola Bone's Sound Off for Schools program. During 2020-22 Tahlene modernised school nurse roles to focus on holistic student care as opposed to a 'Band-Aid and Panadol' service.


She is a passionate and dedicated professional who's primary intention in the Breathe2B team is to introduce students and teachers to a skillset that supports mental fitness and helps students realise their capacity to become strong advocates for their health and wellbeing.


The Breathe2B programs have the potential to positively change health outcomes for our greater community - working together to become happy, healthy and strong.

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Facilitator &

Registered Nurse

Morgan Tulley

The staff wellbeing advocate training that Emanuelle from Breathe2B delivered here at school has given me the confidence to deliver a high impact program.
I feel totally inspired and motivated to do the absolute best I can to help our students wellbeing.

Julia Cheznik

The bite-sized mindfulness workshop has given me simple tools to apply day to day to help me manage my workload.
I love the accessibility of the practices combined with the scientific knowledge of how the practices help both my physical and mental wellbeing.

Lisa Driver

Emanuelle isn’t just an excellent speaker; she is a genuine practitioner of Mindfulness who has worked as a teacher for decades. She has a wonderful way of engaging the students.
I thoroughly recommend her as a valuable resource and expert to your school.
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