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Strategic Wellbeing Consultancy

Connect with us to explore and delve deep into what is currently happening in your school. We will focus on discovering what is working well in your school, what is impacting staff wellbeing, and what could be improved, changed, or redesigned.

Scope and sequences can be used to guide short and long-term action plans. 

Community Integration

Let us work with you and your teams to build a wellbeing strategy to support your community.


We will work together to build a common language and embodied practices for your school.

Breathe2B will partner with you to create a bright future for your school community.


A future that prevents Staff burnout, fosters kindness and empathy and restores relationship

The Integration process:


  1. Exploratory Conversations

  2. Scope and Sequence of works prepared

  3. Consultation

  4. Wellbeing Advocacy

  5. Implementation

  6. Onsite or Hybrid Training

  7. Continued Support

Community Integration requires a methodical approach. Change management needs to be handled mindfully.

Consultancy is delivered onsite, online or hybrid

Start a Conversation

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