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What is Breathe2B?

The Breathe2B ACARA aligned student wellbeing curriculum, staff training and workshops combine the practices of mindfulness, breathing techniques and neuroscience.


Our trainings, curriculum and resources have been designed by teachers for teachers.


The purpose of the Breathe2B curriculum is to empower young adults to have the capacity to step back from the busy-ness of life and observe their habitual tendencies. Thus, enabling them to develop strong interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and clarity to navigate life in a meaningful way.

Vision Statement

  • Breathe2B’s vision is to share the benefits of positive education, mindfulness and breathing techniques with both teenagers and in the adult world.

  • The positive impacts of mindfulness and transformative breathing are well-researched our students, teachers, counsellors and carers can be positively impacted by making small mindful changes.

  • Breathe2B seeks to share these proactive techniques and practices in methodical manner, to foster accessibility and equity for all.


Breathe2B is not just about helping our young people; it is also very much about those who care for them. The benefits of mindfulness in the adult world are well-researched and the positive impact it can have on teachers, counsellors and carers is central to Breathe2B’s vision.

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Fostering Growth

Each Breathe2B  session includes theory, conversation, breathing techniques and a guided mindfulness practices. Students will build their knowledge and develop a toolkit of practices to employed in the classroom and beyond.

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