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There is an encouraging body of scientific research around the benefits of positive education, breathing techniques and mindfulness  practice for both adults and young people. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to find peer reviewed research papers that support our vision and values.

Breathe2B Research

Feedback and surveys are utilised to collect quantitative and qualitative data from both students and teachers who have participated in Breathe2B Workshops and Curricula. Breathe2B supports schools who wish to research the effectivity of curricula by advising methods of capture and referring to our external Partnerships.


We offer advice upon:

  • Current and past research

  • Methods to gather data

  • Presentation of data

If you are personally collecting data to form part of a formal qualification, please align with your course of study. Breathe2B will connect and collaborate with you to support your research.

How your research can empower:

Your 'Action Research' will feed into the body of evidence and assist with the drive for creating sustainable healthy communities.  Please share the intent of your research and supporting information so we can assist with alignment to our vision and values. 

Contact us at

Where possible, we’d like to see the final report or dissertation, and provide a link to any published articles in peer-reviewed journals.


Breathe2B Curriculum

The Breathe2B Curriculum remains the Intellectual property of our organisation. Should it be utilised in a different manner or out of context, we cannot attest to its effectivity. Before making adaptions, please liaise with us so we can collaborate and create meaningful transformation.

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Underpinning Research

Mindfulness in Education
Mindfulness and Spirituality
Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity
The Power of the Breath
Positive Education PERMA
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