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Staff Professional Development

The key difference between Breathe2B and other providers, is that we empower your staff with the necessary skills to facilitate culture change. 

Breathe2B's facilitators are not just engaging presenters, they are also highly trained teachers, psychologists and coaches with decades of experience supporting individuals to improve their mental health. Wellbeing training should be about more than just creating an engaging workshop – it should be provided by experts who can create a new skill set for your staff and promote positive behaviour change.

  • Retention of staff

  • Reduction in burnout

  • Creation of internal wellbeing champions 

  • School culture shift

  • School improvement

  • Employees feel valued and nourished by being at work


Professional Development Pathways

Benefits for your staff

1. Breathe2B Teacher Advocate Training

Advocate Training

Why is the training important?

Can you imagine leading approximately 30 students in a group breathing practice without being trained? Or how to scaffold psychologically safe questions to the group to facilitate discussion post mindfulness practice? At Breathe2B we understand that teachers who are often tasked with designing and facilitating student wellbeing programs, may have a variety of level of skill in this remit.

We seek to bridge that gap to facilitate meaningful change for both staff and students.


Training Outcomes for teachers:

  • Equipped with the skill-set to deliver the 10 session program effectively

  • The ability to create a psychologically safe space for students

  • Expertise with scaffolding questions that support growth

  • Ability recognise student who require additional support

The ACARA aligned Breathe2B curriculum is designed to be taught by teachers to students in Years 7-9. In order for your exisiting staff to effectively deliver the program they will require direct onsite training. Your chosen staff advocates will measurably benefit from immersion in our training by having first hand experiential knowledge and application of the underpinning theory and practice.

We will partner with your school to professionally develop staff advocates onsite over a 2 day period with the skillset to deliver the 10 session program, further to this the training is mapped to Teacher ATSIL standards. 


The Professional Development equates to 16 hours of onsite training, supported by 5 hours of further coaching. Each advocate receives a certificate with the professional development hours recorded, along with the ATSIL Teacher Standards captured.

The training maps to annual professional development requirements for teachers and can be funded via your school's professional development budget.

Advocate Training Timeline

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Advocates nominated

2 day onsite training or online self-paced training via Breathe2B Hub

Accreditation to teach Breathe2B curriculum

Implementation of Breathe2B program to student cohort

Continued mentoring of advocates 

Monthly campfire webinars

Additional coaching if needed

2. Professional Learning Retreats

Noosa Lakes
Eumarella Shores

13-15 October 2023
19-21 January 2024

Immerse yourself in nature whilst growing professionally.

3. Staff Seminars

Staff Seminars

Topic: Creating a School Wellbeing Culture

As leaders, teachers and change makers we need to to nurture our school communities from the roots upwards.

The seminar covers:

  • The importance of creating a whole school approach to wellbeing

  • How to empower teachers to drive positive change 

  • Steps to cultivate community awareness and agency

  • Methods to reduce teacher and student burnout

  • Techniques to develop mental resilience for students and staff

  • Fostering a common language of compassion to create healing interactions

Staff Workshops

By participating in the Breathe2B Staff Workshops staff will learn:

  • Language and observation skills associated with mental health

  • How our emotions can govern our responses

  • How to respond rather than react

  • Step out of their comfort zone and break through limiting self-beliefs

  • The science of gratitude and compassion

  • Techniques for self-care

  • How to recognise our stress signals and implement a personal intervention plan

  • How to utilise stress for short periods to enhance success

4. Staff Workshops

  • Onsite full or half day staff wellbeing retreat

  • 60 minute 'Bite-sized Mindfulness Practice' workshop (onsite or online)

  • 'Lunch & Learn' or 'Twilight' staff workshops (onsite or online)

  • Pre-service Teacher Wellbeing Workshop

  • E-safety workshops

  • Keynote speaking for staff days

Current Workshop Offerings:

5. One-to -One Coaching

1-2-1 Coaching

Our ICF accredited coaches can help school leaders retain their best staff by offering continued support for their staff. Design custom coaching sessions around your school's needs. Our coaches will foster a unique partnership with each of your staff to support their individual needs.

Suggested focus areas:

  • Happy habits accountability coaching 

  • Leadership coaching

  • Wellbeing & your career coaching

Coaching sessions are run virtually and can be aligned to your employees schedule/timetable. All sessions are confidential and aligned to the ICF Code of Ethics.​

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