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Empowering Youth Mental Wellness: Zoala and Breathe2B an Innovative Partnership

Two leaders in the youth well-being space - Zoala & Breathe2B - have come together in a pioneering collaboration to reshape mental health education for students and schools. This partnership is characterised by cutting-edge technology, with Singapore-based Zoala's AI-powered mobile app at the centre of this initiative to connect young people with practical tools and resources to nurture positive mental health.

With digital devices playing an increasingly dominant role in daily life, it’s important to engage young people within the online space where they are active and provide them with accessible essential support outside the classroom. Breathe2B has designed an engaging and comprehensive curriculum to empower students with the skillset to navigate the unique stresses and challenges of adolescence. The techniques taught in the program will help grow student’s self-awareness, emotional regulation and overall mental resilience, setting them up for success in school life and beyond.

About Zoala

Zoala is an AI-powered mental wellness companion that leverages artificial intelligence to support users in navigating adolescent life. Zoala is trained to understand the everyday concerns of teens and offers practical tools, advice and guidance to bolster resilience and support positive mental health. Through meaningful interactions, Zoala can identify stressors & evaluate the users' mental well-being across various aspects of their life. The model can even detect deteriorations in the user’s mental health and make recommendations for early interventions via support parents, teachers, schools and allied health practitioners.

About Breathe2B

Australian-based wellbeing curriculum and training provider Breathe2B aims to empower young adults with tools and practices to navigate difficulties and build upon their strengths, so that they may lead meaningful, purpose-driven lives. The foundation of the Breathe2B program focuses on changing the culture of how teens interact by exploring respectful relationships, emotional regulation, gratitude, compassion and learning to respond rather than react.

The Breathe2B approach to mental wellbeing is based upon the latest research into neuroscience, integrating principals of positive psychology to enhance positive aspects of human experience and functioning. Mindfulness, breathing techniques and self-reflection are utilised in the program to support students to develop their wellbeing toolkit so they can not only cope with life’s challenges, but thrive.

Emanuelle Jones, Director of Breathe2B, commented, "Our collaboration with Zoala amplifies our mission to empower students & instil lasting positive change within school communities."

Advancing Mental Wellness

Through this collaboration, Zoala and Breathe2B aim to ‘bridge the gap’ for students and school communities, providing equal access to mental health education. By combining technology, innovation and education, this partnership endeavours to address the issue of rising teen depression and anxiety in Singapore and globally to create a brighter future for youth everywhere.

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