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Professional Development Overview

Join Emanuelle Jones for this 2 hour immersive session where you will learn theory and practices to improve your own wellbeing. Participants will learn bite-sized mindfulness and breathing practices to draw upon when the going gets tough. 

You will leave the session with a plan to manage your own wellbeing with simple tools that are drawn from Martin Seligmans PERMA model of positive psychology.

We all know teaching can be stressful, so how can we be expected to inspire young people when we ourselves are struggling against the clock whilst desperately trying to manage our own energy levels and workload?

Are you...

- A casual relief teacher, pre-service teacher, classroom teacher or teacher's aid? 

- Working in a high-stress environment?

- Under pressure to get a never-ending amount of things done?

- Keen to learn how to keep calm amongst the crazy!?!

You will learn:

  • How to monitor and constantly improve your wellbeing 

  • Bite-sized mindfulness and breathing practices

  • About the PERMA model of positive psychology

  • To recognise the signs that your wellbeing is declining

  • How to create a personal intervention plan to maintain your health (and sanity!) in an achievable way


2 hours online

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

Descriptors 6.3 & 7.2

What you will receive:

  • A certificate of completion that states the PD hours and aligned standards

  • Resources to utilise post session to support your wellbeing (Journal, activity sheets and practice overviews)

  • Access to the session recording


$95 (AUD) - Teacher Admission -claimable against education expenses for your tax return

$45 (AUD) - Pre-Service Teacher Admission - claimable against education expenses for your tax return

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